Quality Policy

Our Mission 

Our customer timing has to be under check. Always!


  • Flexibility
  • Dynamism
  • Management and development of products and supply chain
  • Customer-oriented company and shareholders
  • High level partnership with selected supplier

Our aim is to supply our clients with only the best. We therefore focus our attention on production conditions, which must be optimal.

Only in this way we can achieve our goal of error free production and, consequently, guarantee the long working life of our products, even in the toughest application cycles of our customers.

All this is achieved through continuous analysis, monitoring and improvement of all process, both in production and administration.


We pay specific attention to customer satisfaction. From quality of product, to production lead time, from technical support during planning phase to product industrialization we focused the best.

Our client is to better our process leaded to client satisfaction throw an enduring partnership with customer and supplier.


ELETTROMECCANICA C.D.C. SRL is careful to expectation and request to its involved parties, employers and supplier, both for his own related features such as profitability, reliability, to create an harmonize workplace and partnership.


During material selection we aim to best quality, all input materials are analysed to verify that are conform to our high standard level.
Good product begins from material made it.


Workforce in ELETTROMECCANICA C.D.C. SRL is aware of the precise and clear target that company set.
Management collegially defines and organizes interaction with client and supplier, foreign or domestic, and communicates to person in charge.
Employer professional growth is point of business plan and it’s periodically discus.
Direction support teamwork and creativity and encouraged them.

ELETTROMECCANICA C.D.C. SRL workforce is expertise in his own work field.


Constant monitoring of company organization and his process permits to define and control the performance index whose results required to better labour activity of all employer and consequently to whole quality company system and its process.

Brignano Gera D’Adda, 02/12/2019
Company Management