Digital timer with analogue setting and direct reading of the past and residuai time through leds bar and backlight scale. Front backlight panel indicates selected scale.

Through the rotary selectors on the front it is possible to select:
-one from a vai/ab/e 1 O functions.
-one from available 30 full scale time.

Through the knob it is possible to set in a precise mode the wanted time. Through the minidips on the side it is possible to set :

A) The working mode of the relay AR1 (istantaneous or with the sa me function of relay AR2).
B) Memory ON or OFF (the memory is active only during the counting).

The leds on the front point out the presence of the memory and the relays state (green memory, red relè). With Octal socket, it can be mounted on pane/ (with socket AZ58) and wall (with socket AZ68 and retainer clips AZB 1).

Download the datasheet